Rev. AJ - Sermon Titles & Descriptions

Democracy, Through My Eyes 

When I first heard, years ago, that the word Democracy was nowhere in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence I was startled. This could not be true. Our government is a Democracy! As it turns out, our Founders actually feared democratic rule. The Founders preferred the word “Republic.” My sermon will share the truth about the differences between the two. 

Integrity: A Story of Theodore Parker 

In this sermon. Rev. Johnson suggests that integrity may be something to discover within us. The natural brilliance of UU minister, Theodore Parker is also presented. Rev. Parker is arguably the most well-known and quoted Unitarian Universalist minister who ever lived. His words and popular quotations would later inspire speeches by Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Kids These Days 

This sermon will focus upon our newest generation, who we may choose to call “Kids These Days,” those between the ages of 3 and 23. Most of these young folks are still too young to have had a significant impact on our society but the older ones may be fighting our war in Afghanistan.

Making and Keeping Our Commitments 

This sermon will explore the meaning of commitment and our ability and our willingness to keep the commitments that we make. How has our ability to keep our commitments changed during our present time of tumult? Or has it? How do we maintain the quality of being dedicated to a congregation, to a cause, or to a community?

Of Bone and Sinew 

This sermon will focus upon the true story of William and Ellen Craft, enslaved African-Americans who traveled “A Thousand Miles to Freedom,” and their relationship with Unitarian Universalist Theodore Parker. William and Ellen’s adventurous escape emanated from their natural desire to experience the love of each other, and future generations, as free human beings. 

Wisdom in Today’s World 

This sermon asks; what is wisdom? How does it differ from knowledge? Is the difference worth discerning? This sermon will explore the landscape of the difference between knowledge and wisdom and how the difference plays out in our modern world.



Easter: Rolling Back the Stone 

This sermon will focus upon what lessons we may glean for ourselves as we recognize the most important and oldest festival of the Christian church. What does this ancient celebration have to offer us in our times of tumult? Is it our time of Resurrection? Our time of the changing of the seasons, our time of new life? Perhaps it is our time of “Rolling Back The Stone.” 

Kwanzaa Celebration 

Kwanzaa is a non-religious Celebration of African-American Culture. Kwanzaa honors the African people and our culture the world over and honors Africa as the birthplace of civilization.