WORKSHOP: Exploring African Indigenous Spirituality

An exciting exploration into our intuitive wisdom and connection with the natural world

through the African Spiritual Arts.

African Indigenous Spirituality is primarily based upon an oral tradition and does not have a codified written text, like other major religions. African spirituality is a holistic one, in which any imbalance or disturbance is seen not only as personal but includes one’s social, family and village relationships and with the relationship with one’s ancestors. It encompasses at its most basic level a universal belief in survival and triumph over death and the immortality of the human soul.



Enjoy And Experience the Art of African Elemental Stone and Shell Divination, based upon ancient Spiritual Technologies, practiced by Indigenous communities since time began.

This workshop is based on the teachings of the Dagara people of West Africa as taught to Mtauswa by world-renown Shaman Malidoma Somé.

The purpose of Divination is to help you bring your medicine into this world, to uncover your gifts. All ancient cultures have had diviners; our modern culture has lost this art. This workshop is about rediscovering  these abilities, and through them, connecting with our "Elemental" selves.